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Governor Mike Huckabee, in a letter dated May 17, 2001, directed the Department of Human Services (DHS) and other affected agencies to develop and implement a comprehensive, effective working Olmstead plan. He further directed all affected agencies to cooperate in the process and that the following steps be taken in furtherance of the development of the plan:

DHS was the lead agency for drafting the plan with participation from all stakeholders. The plan should address the needs of Arkansas' aging population, persons with mental illness, persons with developmental disabilities and other populations of persons with disabilities.

DHS took the lead in creating a Governor's Integrated Services Task Force (GIST). The GIST should play a key role in providing input into the plan. In addition, the GIST should review and offer advice on addressing other recommendations in the Olmsted Working Group report.

Arkansas Rehabilitation Services convened a supported housing task force to make recommendations on addressing housing issues for people with disabilities.

In addition, all relevant state agencies were asked to continue to review existing programs for quality assurance, accessibility and efficiency. Relevant state agencies were further asked to continue to work with appropriate federal entities to suggest rule or policy modifications to enhance choices for Arkansans with disabilities.

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